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Festyval is a collection of 30 videos, short films, rare live performances and animations spanning The Ukrainians’ incredible three-decade career.


Many of these have captured and preserved aspects not only of a changing Ukraine - but also of a changing Britain. The DVD includes:


  • on-tour footage of the band performing and travelling in Ukraine in the 1990s, when the country had only just gained its independence from the Soviet Union (11 - Ty Moyi Radoshchi, 15 - Na Skriptsi Hrayu).

  • live concert footage shot for vintage eastern European TV programmes that were far more stilted and formal stylistically than programmes in western Europe and North America (13 - Vorony, 30 - Verkhovyno).

  • A fabulous ‘folksy’ and award-winning animation from Poland created in the early ‘noughties’ (09 - Oi Divchino).

  • adventurous modern cinematic pieces directed by upcoming new UK filmmakers (05 - Sterezhitsya Kozakiv, 28 - Shchedryk).

  • Lo-fi Covid-19 lockdown videos shot by the band (04 - Zavtra, 23 - Vykhid).

  • There is also a bonus feature ‘Who Are The Ukrainians?’, a 14 minute documentary made by Kyiv-based TV channel ‘Ukrainer’ in August 2021.


The package also includes a 12 page booklet with further information, credits, video stills and memories / comments from band members and video makers about the making of each video.


Total Running Time 120mins


Our 'Festyval' DVD is region free and PAL, so can be played throughout most of the world (where PAL and SECAM are the standard colour encoding systems). However, anyone purchasing from the USA or Canada (where  NTSC is the standard coding system) should check first to ensure their equipment will play region free PAL disks.

Festyval - DVD

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