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Originally from Leeds, Cossack folk-punk pioneers The Ukrainians have brought Ukrainian music and culture to the attention of the West. Written and compiled by the band’s Peter Solowka and Len Liggins, The Ukrainians: 'From Kyiv to the Kosmos' celebrates their 35-year career. With over 250 full colour images, the book is packed with stories from current & former band members along with fans, friends and musical collaborators, including David Gedge (The Wedding Present), Jan Wobble (Invaders of the Heart, PiL), Andrew ‘Whitey’ White (Kaiser Chiefs), TV Smith (The Adverts) and Shaun Charman (Jetstream Pony, The Wedding Present). There’s also a story from the cosmos itself, with a contribution from NASA astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, who took The Ukrainians’ music to the International Space Station

From Kyiv to the Kosmos

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