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The album that broke The Ukrainians into mainland Europe and North America, leading to a 110-date tour. It contains twelve emotionally-charged Solowka / Liggins originals, and a beautifully optimistic version of the Velvet Underground’s  ‘Venus in Furs’. (Chekannya). There's also one of the tracks from the 'Pisni Iz The Smiths EP

(click on links to hear the tracks on you tube)


Vorony : Chlib : 

Koroleva Ne Pomerla (The Queen is Dead) : 

Chy Znayesh Ty

Na Skriptsi Hrayu : Shche Raz

Nadia Pishla : Doroha : Rospryahaite

Durak : Sertsem i Dusheyu

Dvi Lebidky : De Ye Moya Mila

Teper Mi Hovorymo : Chekannya


The CD comes with a booklet containing all the song lyrics in both Ukrainian and English. 



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