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Summer in Lviv V.JPG

Summer in Lviv. 

The New Album

Літо у Львові

Новий альбом

"Inspired by the band’s experiences and conversations with people in the city, ‘Summer in Lviv’ deals with themes that reflect the Ukraine of today: conflict, populations on the move, immigration, and a struggle for identity.

The album reflects on the benefits and pitfalls of freedom, and the delicate balance between asserting a national or ethnic identity and denying it to others"

More details and a full track list         More videos

Our music is born from the meeting of east and west, Ukrainian and British, reflecting the folk/punk heritage of our group. The result is a special musical hybrid created from the fusion of different cultures from the borders of Europe.

It has been a long journey that has taken us 30 years by trains, planes, tour buses and recording studios. Whatever our destination is to be, we haven't got there yet - but we are enjoying the ride." - Len Liggins

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